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I try to expand my style once in a while.

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Shimmering Five by WishmasterAlchemist

I love the subject matter. Of course, cats always make good subject matters, but there's something about the way to make them express t...


Smirk - Ejen Ali by FinaTeh92
Smirk - Ejen Ali
Another fanart. Can't help it. The guy is easy on the eyes.
Also, I am super proud that a company in my country produced such an awesome show along with my own as well, hehe.
Ejen Rizwan by FinaTeh92
Ejen Rizwan
Here's another locally made animation's fanart. From my country, Malaysia. The show is called Ejen Ali which translates to, well, Agent Ali. Haha.
It's a pretty cool show. I advise you to check it out.
This guy is my fave because obvious reasons haha.
Sesshomaru and Rin, In Time by FinaTeh92
Sesshomaru and Rin, In Time
I have no idea what to write for a title haha.
But I loved these two together in the show(s). I admit, I don't know whether I ship them or not, but I love that they have an unconditional caring for each other, especially from Sesshomaru which was strange. :XD:
I didn't mean to put facepaint on Rin, but I messed up her eye while inking this and I had to improvise. Sorry.
But yeah, if they ever make a newer version of Inuyasha, I want it to be centered around Sesshomaru, Jaken, Aun and Rin on an adventure after she had grown up. 
El Diablo by FinaTeh92
El Diablo
I watched Suicide Squad a while back and while I admit the movie could have been better, I still love some of the characters, especially Deadshot and El Diablo. I admit, I like El Diablo a little more. ^^
Office Man by FinaTeh92
Office Man
Just sharing this cute sight I saw at the office I work in. An older gentleman, maybe Japanese (because there is a Japanese company where I work) wearing a work attire but also a fisherman's hat while leaving to go home, with his bag in his hand. So adorable to see. :3
Hey guys. It's been a while, and I did give up on asking  to do commissions for a bit due to lack of response and having little time to do them because of work.
But I'm facing a bit of a financial crisis, what with loans and expenses suddenly overwhelming me and I'm not making as much to cover them plus other expenses and things that I REALLY needed to replace since a few months ago like my spectacles and my phone.

So yeah, for today on, I'd like to open up some character commissions whenever you guys would like them.
My style is adaptable to anything that you guys want but to describe my own personal style would be:
Western, semi-realistic with a dash of some anime ala Studio Bones? Haha, I don't know, judge for yourself.

I'm new at this, so I apologize for any mistakes or mishaps that might occur, but I'll do my best.
I'll put down the information down below.

Payment is via PAYPAL. My email is
If you live in Malaysia, then payment is through CIMBClicks, which would be more convenient for you. :)

It would really mean a lot if you'd ask for commissions from me. I would like the money to help my current situation, yes, but more importantly the experience as well as improving my skills.
Please share this as well with anyone who might be interested. Thank you very much. :)

CLOSE UP/PORTRAIT with simple BG (Black n White) - 5 USD

Michael Fassbender Portrait by FinaTeh92 Heiwajima Shizuo by FinaTeh92 Le Me by FinaTeh92 Spirited by FinaTeh92 New ID by FinaTeh92 Grimmy by FinaTeh92 Taguchi Mika Headshot - Prince of Tennis OC by FinaTeh92 Black and White by FinaTeh92

MEDIUM SHOT (Black and White) w/ simple BG- 10 USD

The Silencer by FinaTeh92  Ssima of the West by FinaTeh92 It's Not a Date - Kaidoh x OC (Prince of Tennis) by FinaTeh92 Chinese by FinaTeh92 Genderbent Elsa by FinaTeh92 Kiyoshi Teppei the Iron Heart by FinaTeh92 The Next Okashira by FinaTeh92

FULL SHOT/CHARACTER SHEET or PROFILE (Black and White) w/simple BG - 15 USD

Day 01: Yourself by FinaTeh92 Prince of Tennis OC: Taguchi Mika by FinaTeh92 SPunk by FinaTeh92 Fashionable by FinaTeh92 A Lovely Stroll by FinaTeh92 Elizabeth Paxton by FinaTeh92 Lost Through Time by FinaTeh92 My Lovely Aisya by FinaTeh92

GROUP PIC (Black and White) with simple BG - 20 USD for 4 characters maximum (more than that means additional charges of 0.50$ for one additional character)

Family Picture~ by FinaTeh92 Project Otome: 10 Ways to Reach You by FinaTeh92 Murasakibara Family Sketch by FinaTeh92 The Burnouts by FinaTeh92 Solstice Studio Victory Dance by FinaTeh92 My Favorite Guys by FinaTeh92


Just One More Night by FinaTeh92 The Animal Side of Me by FinaTeh92 Kiriban for Rufina-Tomoyo by FinaTeh92 Sending Off My Love by FinaTeh92

SHORT 2D HANDDRAWN Black and White ANIMATION (max 5 seconds) - 30 USD max (shorter than 5 seconds is lower price)

What?! by FinaTeh92 Animation Test 2 by FinaTeh92 Animation Test by FinaTeh92  Chen's Animation Test by FinaTeh92
A YOUTUBE link to some animations that I've done:


Sharafina Teh
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hi there. I'm a girl from Malaysia, 22 years old. I love drawing since I was small but you know, my skills are improving at a turtle rate, mwahaha. :XD: Doesn't matter, it's something I love to do and I'm willing to go for it.

Anywho, I am very interested in becoming an animator or work in the animation industry. But I'm more interested in 2d animation rather than CGI or 3d. (Of course, my mind kind of took a detour after seeing Tangled!) I'm hoping to work in a big name studio (Disney, Dreamworks, Inspidea, Nickelodeon, Ghibli) or open my own 2d animation company here in Malaysia.

Currently studying Animation, huhuhu. :D

Anyone wants or needs to contact me, you can email me at:

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I love your gallery, your so talented!!
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ahh thank you so much. i'm sorry i've been inactive for quite a while here. i post frequently on Instagram though. haha
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Thank you for the Midorima fav ö v ö
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omg of course, i love your little animated GIF's and I love Midorima. Watching you now. ^^
sobbing-jester Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015
jesterji01  OHHMG that’s so awesome to hear, thank you!! I’m most grateful!! Jeah the carrot is the best isn‘t he? XD
FinaTeh92 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
haha yeah the carrot. :XD: now that you mentioned it, he does look like one hehe. but i love all your little animations. :heart:
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